Univision has designed and implemented a myriad of programs to promoteprofessionaldevelopment. Manyofourteammembers started their careers participating in one of our many internship programs across the country. This diverse group includes some of the nation’s top students who join us to study various aspects of the industry and develop skills in their chosen specialty. Meanwhile, some of Univision’s most dedicated and valuable team members — Univision’s executive assistants — are empowered and encouraged to work across the organization to promote collaboration and leadership inside and outside of Univision.

From up-and-coming interns to VPs of every race and gender, promising professionals at Univision are encouraged to reach their full potential through an organized leadership development initiative, which has graduated more than 200 people in four years. We are proud of our legacy in playing a major role in the professional development of our people.



  • Univision Internship Program

  • Executive Assistant Development

  • Leadership Development Program

  • Finance Rotation

  • Sales Rotation

  • General Manager Rotation

  • Learning Central

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